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Faster, simpler, easier...

are concise ways to describe today's application process.

Automated (virtually paperless) and efficient are more precise.  However one chooses to say it, one thing is certain: this is not your parent's way of getting a loan.

If you are in the market for purchase money financing or re-financing, you'd do well to give us a call.  We offer a wide range of programs to suit most needs and over 30 years experience doing just that.

The bonus? - rates are very attractive and that helps.

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Who we are

Just Loans is a Real Estate Broker licensed by the California Department of Real Estate #01033852 --  NMLS   ID 246654.

Established in 1988 – we arrange financing on residential owner and non-owner occupied properties.  We also provide a full range of real estate services (for buyers and sellers) through our real estate division - JLI Properties.

In a "quality vs. quantity" debate, we'd definitely argue on the side of quality.  We don't operate on volume quotas;, we work to help one client at a time.  We are a “boutique" broker, offering a wide selection of loan programs and real estate services, specifically tailored to you. 

This business model has worked well for us - the proof being the referrals and repeat business we've enjoyed that have contributed to our longevity.   But we're not “resting on our laurels”; we adapt to changes in the marketplace, adopt technology and procedures to meet the demands of home-owners and buyers today and work constantly to ensure that the quality of our service and speed of delivery are second to none. 

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